Monitoring of vital signs
Monitoring of treatments’ efficiency
Assistance territorial coverage
Risk reduction


There are several factors prompting healthcare operators to embrace IoT technologies. To name a few, this includes demographic dynamics, the gradual increase of costs, the monitoring of the efficiency of medical treatments alongside the recording of the quality of these processes. Another major role is played by the patients’ ever greater awareness of – and engagement with – their treatments and, lastly, by the impelling necessity to achieve broader territorial coverage for medical assistance.


Furthermore, recent studies regarding healthcare innovations unanimously emphasise the prominency of the Internet of Things as one of the main actors within the Digital Transformation scenario.As a matter of fact, there already are numerous instances of the so-called “Connected Healthcare”, particularly in terms of monitoring and – wherever possible – remote healthcare, alongside a considerable involvement of the very patients.

In addition, the adoption of IoT solutions has significant effects on some internal management processes, such as medicament and asset management.

In fact, an estimated two thirds of healthcare operators will adopt IoT and Analytics amenities within the next 3 years.

ConnectedCare Solutions



Many IoT technologies have already been deployed in the insurance sector, mainly within the car industry. Namely, these technologies have massively contributed to relevant achievements within the automotive industry in terms of cost reduction, risk management and customer knowledgeability.

The medical insurance sector can too benefit from IoT services, both for specific client-targeted solutions and for healthcare and socio-healthcare institutions. Some of the many advantages deriving from a proper use of these technologies include a clearer definition of hazard profiles, greater opportunity to customise the policies, enlargement of the offers and, finally, reduction of overall risk.


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