Information gathering
Team work
Financial benefits
Achievement of fixed goals


After our many consulting experiences, we are now able to help our clients with the setting of specific and crystal-clear goals, investment returns, ways to approach the project and project time management.We offer two distinct consulting modules to support our clients from the very beginning of their projects.



It is a concise consulting service developed by IOTPOWER, based on our multiple experiences in the Digital Transformation scene. It is used to acquire top-quality evaluation of the company’s opportunities in terms of transformation of services and business processes originated from IoT technologies. This is carried out through rigorous planning of the programme for technological development alongside in-depth evaluation of financial benefits.
This analysis is conducive to the definition of the IoT adoption strategy, to the creation of a techno-operative macro-model and to a list of priorities.


It is a customised consultancy module that enables the deployment of the IoT services which have been selected in the Adoption Strategy module. Its initial phase consists in the definition of a use case, which is then followed by a careful analysis of the best practices that are on the market. Technology scouting comes next, right before architecture modelling (with a potential creation of the Proof of Concept). This then leads to a “concurrent transformation” model with regards to processes and to a model of financial flows and ROI.The service draws to a close with the illustration of a comprehensive, exhaustive plan featuring objectives, timeframes, financial costs, resources and responsibilities.